Liqueurs & Cordials

  • Candolini Grappa Bianca 1L

    Candolini Grappa Bianca 1L

    Candolini Grappa is made from 85% free-running grape juice, distilled pips and stems. Aromatic and flavorful, its traditional 19th-century bottle is a classic among Italian distillates and after more than one hundred years of production - remains one of...

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  • Candolini Grappa Ruta 1L

    Candolini Grappa Ruta 1L

    Grappa Ruta's distillation is unique in that it is aromatized by the infusion of oil from the Ruta Plant and the addition of a Ruta Twig. The Ruta in Grappa is for digestive properties.80 Proof

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  • Capel Moai Reservado Pisco 750ml (Chile)

    Capel Moai Reservado Pisco 750ml (Chile)

    The Pisco Capel Moai Reservado is a tribute to the Rapa Nui culture. Elaborated carefully with our variety of muscatel grapes, manages to give us the authentic Pisco, reflecting the spirit of an entire town in a bottle with a unique design created by an...

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  • Capel Pisco Chile

    Capel Pisco Chile

    Pisco Capel is an all natural grape spirit produced in northern Chile. It is a blend of 30% Muscat grapes and 70% Pedro Jimenez and Torontel grapes, then aged in wooden casks for four to six months. It is slowly distilled with the crystal-clear water...

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  • Caravella Orangecello Liqueur 750ml

    Caravella Orangecello Liqueur 750ml

    Like limoncello, Orangecello is a sweet compliment for Champagne spritzers, martinis and other classic cocktails. The liqueur also is a deliciously versatile addition to foods including desserts, appetizers and seafood, poultry or pork entrees.60 Proof

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  • Carolans Irish Cream Liqueur 750ml

    Carolans Irish Cream Liqueur 750ml

    Carolans is a superior tasting, genuine Irish cream liqueur - made in Ireland from the finest Irish ingredients including fresh cream, fine Irish spirits and Irish whiskey. Carolans has excellent product quality with a more distinctive spirit note than...

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  • Carpano Dry Vermouth 1L

    Carpano Dry Vermouth 1L

    Carpano Dry is a clear colored vermouth, yet vibrant and bright like platinum. And just like platinum, Carpano Dry maintains its characteristics over time, thanks to the distinctive ingredients in its recipe and the quality of the Fratelli Branca...

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  • Casa D'Aristi XTA Liqueur 750ml

    Casa D'Aristi XTA Liqueur 750ml

    A modern-day take on a classic Mayan drink, XTA (short for 'xtabentun') combines rum, aniseed from Yucatan and Mexican honey. Texture of light syrup. Flavor opens rich in fresh anise with overtones of minty freshness. A wave of honey and juicy orange,...

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  • Cedilla Liqueur de Acai 750ml

    Cedilla Liqueur de Acai 750ml

    Created at the Maison Leblon, each bottle of Cedilla is a maceration of over 500 hand-picked organic acaí berries in unfiltered alambique cachaca, complimented with native ginger root, orange zest, lime peel, and a splash of fresh cane juice for...

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