Rosé Wine

  • A to Z Oregon Rose

    A to Z Oregon Rose 2016

    Wine Tasting NotesThe beautiful A to Z Rose leads with aromas of strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, pomegranate and hibiscus along with citrus notes. In the mouth, the attack is juicy, bright and loaded with red fruit flavors. The mid-palate is...

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  • Allure Bubbly California Peach NV

    Allure Bubbly California Peach NV

    Wine Tasting NotesThe scrumptious flavor of a peach bursting with ripeness combined with the floral and fruity essences of our Symphony wine is summer captured in a glass. The palate is further roused by a frenzy of lively bubbles and enticing sweetness.

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  • Apothic California Rose

    Apothic California Rose 2017

    Wine Tasting notesThe Apothic Rose is an all-new, limited release blend that is light in color, yet dark in nature. It is a vibrant, refreshing and fruit-forward wine. Apothic Rose offers layers of fresh strawberry and watermelon with a hint of raspberry...

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  • Babe Rose With Bubbles 4-Pack 250ml Can

    Babe Rose With Bubbles 4-Pack 250ml Can

    From the makers of White Girl Rose comes Babe, a canned, bubbly rose perfect for picnicking, pool-lounging, camping, concert-going, and more. It's a blend of Pinot Grigio and Primitivo varietals with hints of honeydew - and with about 160 calories per 8...

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  • Banfi Centine Rose IGT

    Banfi Centine Rose IGT 2016

    The availability of this product is limited and subject to change.Wine Tasting NotesIntense pink. Very aromatic. Fresh with hints of woodland berries. Fresh, dry, with rich berry flavors; well-structured, with a long crisp, clean finish. Complex and...

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  • Bev California Rose Wine 6-Pack 250ml Can

    Bev California Rose Wine 6-Pack 250ml Can

    Our Motto is simple: Rosé in a can. Made by Chicks. Drank by you.It’s crisp, it’s bubbly, it’s delicious… and it’s pink which is a color we unequivocally love. Because we are who we are and pink cans are what we’re into. Pretty sure you’ll be into them...

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  • Breezette Cotes de Provence Rose

    Breezette Cotes de Provence Rose 2017 (France)

    Wine Tasting NotesThis elegant rosé emanates a salmon light pink tone with a blush of sunset. More fare in color than most rosés, Breezette is the finest expression of the Provence region. Breezette is renowned for its bold aromas, exquisitely releasing...

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