Blackened by Metallica Batch 099 American Whiskey 750ml

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Master Distiller extraordinaire, Dave Pickerell, in collaboration with Metallica, has unveiled the next evolution of whiskey with BLACKENED. The spirit isn't just inspired by the iconic banda's music, it is literally shaped by it. The team behind BLACKENED has taken the concept of sonic-enhancement and turned it into BLACK NOISEa™, a patent-pending process that uses Metallica's own music to shape the flavor of this unconventional American whiskey. The whiskey is pummeled by sound, causing it to seep deeper into the barrel, where it picks up additional wood flavor characteristics.

#099 Playlist

* It's Electric
* Just a Bullet Away
* Sad But True
* One
* All Within My Hands
* Moth Into Flame
* Carpe Diem Baby
* Ride the Lightning
* Dyers Eve

"Re-Mastered" by Pickerell, BLACKENED is a marriage of the finest bourbons, ryes and whiskeys, hand selected by Dave himself. Each of the whiskeys offer unique flavor that play a key role in the final spirit. Predominately bourbon, the sweetness of BLACKENED pairs perfectly with the savory spice offered by the high rye composition. Once married, they make their way into black brandy casks for finishing. Inside those black brandy casks, the liquid is bathed in low hertz sound waves so intense that it actually intensifies the molecular interaction and ultimately the finish resulting in the most balanced delicious whiskey that's perfect for cocktails or on the rocks.

90 Proof

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