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Flavored Sake

  • Choya Umeshu Shiso Fruit Liqueur 750ml

    Choya Umeshu Shiso Fruit Liqueur 750ml

    The availability of this product is limited and subject to change.Wine Tasting NotesBeautifully balanced sweet & tart taste of the ume fruit flavored with shiso herb, which gives this umeshu its unique red color & aroma.Alcohol: 15%

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  • Fuki Junmai Sake 750ml

    Fuki Junmai Sake 750ml

    Wine Tasting NotesThis Junmai sake is made from the finest quality sun-nurtured rice and pure, mineral-rich filtered Japanese well water. It is naturally fermented with rice, water and malted rice, called koji. Fu-Ki Sake enhances the flavor of food by...

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  • Fuki Plum

    Fuki Plum

    Wine Tasting NotesFu-Ki's plum wine contains 9% alcohol and is made with grape spirits and other natural flavors. Fu-Ki Plum wine is an excellent aperitif, as well as a delicious dessert wine. It will also strike a wonderful balance with many rich...

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  • Gekkeikan Plum Wine Japan

    Gekkeikan Plum Wine Japan

    This plum wine is made from the choicest plums from Wakayama, Japan. Its subtly sweet, natural plum flavor has just a hint of tartness and is truly delightful. Enjoy chilled, on-the-rocks, in various cocktails or on desserts.

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  • Hakutsuru Plum 720ML

    Hakutsuru Plum 720ML

    Wine Tasting NotesUsing selected Japanese Plum, "Ume", Hakutsuru Plum Wine has been brewed with highly developed fermentation skills and technique. It is characterized by its refreshing semi-sweet, sour taste and well-matured aroma from plum fruit. For...

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  • Hana Fuji Apple Flavored Sake (Kosher)

    Hana Fuji Apple Flavored Sake (Kosher)

    Wine Tasting NotesYou will enjoy the flavor of this increasingly popular Japanese fruit. HANA Fuji Apple appeals with its fresh aroma that fulfills the palate with the crisp tartness of the fruit. The lovely, lingering finish continues the taste of rich...

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  • Hana Lychee Flavored Sake (Kosher)

    Hana Lychee Flavored Sake (Kosher)

    Wine Tasting NotesLychee was once a favorite fruit of Emperor Li Longis special concubine, Yang Yuhuan in the Tang Dynasty. HANA Lychee appeals with aroma that fulfills the palate with the intense flavor of this exotic fruit. The lovely, lingering finish...

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  • Kikkoman Plum Wine US

    Kikkoman Plum Wine US

    Wine Tasting NotesKikkoman 100% Plum Wine has pure quality and fruity aroma with provocative taste. The aromatic bouquet and velvet finish lingers elegantly without a flaw. The right complement for any occasion.

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  • Kinsen Plum Wine US

    Kinsen Plum Wine US

    Kinsen Plum is sweet with intense summer fruit flavor. Serve it straight or on the rocks, or even as cocktails by mixing with soda, lemon and fruit juice over ice.Alcohol 12% (White wine base)

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