Gerstacker Christkindl Nurnberger Red Gluhwein 1L

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Gerstacker is a family company, founded in 1945, that is among the foremost wine bottlers in Bavaria. The tradition of this mulled wine comes from the Nürnberg Christkindl-Markt, Germany's most famous Christmas market, which is visited every year by millions of people. The recipe for these wines dates back hundreds of years and it is still being produced according to old-world tradition to this day.

Wine Tasting Notes
To prepare, simply pour glühwein into a sauce pan and warm on the stove over low heat (do not boil). Feel free to add a cinnamon stick, honey or orange slice to enhance the flavor. If you are in a hurry, safely heat in the microwave. The perfect drink to enjoy after a day on the slopes or on a cold winter night.

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