Kin American Made White Whiskey 750ml

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At Kin, we make white whiskey that's intense and proud. Distilled to be a smooth tasting experience and unlike any Whiskey you've ever tasted, Delicious with no solventy flavor or nasty after-taste. Kin White Whiskey never ages. It's forever young like us. And because we don't jail it in a barrel for years, it possesses a natural, bold, clean, easy-drinking flavor profile.

80 Proof
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    Posted by Sarah on 15th Nov 2018

    Sampled this at Taste for student success at csusm and I was in shock how good it was. They company was handing out cards with there retailer and was stoked to get this shipped right to my door! Hoping liquorama gets the Bourbon in soon too because I can't find it anywhere near me.

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    Posted by Jesse on 7th May 2018

    Had this drink in a drink called the Last Word at a place called Paley in Hollywood. The drink was stellar and super smooth but when I asked the bartender where I could buy it he unfortunately didn't know where. With a little internet research I can now enjoy it at home. Keep up the great work guys !

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    Kin White

    Posted by Marty on 21st Mar 2018

    This is my new go to product. I use it in place of vodka, tequila or gin for mixed drinks. A KIN martini puts even the best Vodka martini to shame

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    Posted by The Dude on 21st Oct 2017

    Had this at EP/LP in LA at the encouragement of a fried. These guys killed it with this shine. If I can find this stuff in a liquor store I am going to buy a case!

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    Mixes with Everything!

    Posted by Alex G. on 25th Sep 2017

    Neat, on the rocks, or mixed, this might be the best go to spirit out there! Served only Kin at a party recently and even non-whiskey drinkers where coming back for seconds. Best part, I felt pretty good the next morning considering how much I drank the night before. This truly is a gift from the Gods of Whiskey.

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    Best white whiskey I've had

    Posted by Cary on 25th Sep 2017

    Kin is the best white whiskey I've tasted by far. It's very smooth without sacrificing any flavor. Plus, it mixes well with almost anything - soda, fruit juices, other liquors, ginger beer - and is great on its own. Highly recommend.

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    Great for all types of drinkers

    Posted by Steve P. on 31st Aug 2017

    Tried this at a bar in LA, and loved it! It is so easy to drink, and makes a great cocktail. Brought a bottle to a party with a bunch of picky drinkers, and this bottle was the first to be finished. Definitely my new favorite whiskey

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    Versatile and smooth

    Posted by Uncle B on 29th Aug 2017

    This product is so neutral you can drink it straight or mix it with anything. It is nothing like those harsh moonshiners out there. In fact i would bet if you are a vodka martini drinker you will prefer this as a martini over the most premium vodka. I practically don't drink anything else after being a vodka drinker for decades. Still the warmth of a whiskey with the neutrality of a vodka.

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