Little Book Chapter 5 THE INVITATION Blended Whiskey 2021 750ml

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When eighth generation Beam family member Freddie Noe set out to make his own spirit, he had one goal in mind: Make his family proud. So he created Little Book, blending together different liquids to create something completely new. Freddie doesn't rest until each batch is perfect. Because when you have over 220 years of tradition on your shoulders, you don't take your job lightly.

Drawn in by the limitless palate of tastes and flavors created by blending different aged spirits, Freddie got to work. It was a labor of love and when he was finished he knew he had the foundation for something special - Little Book - his contribution to the family legacy.

Named in honor of the nickname Freddie's grandad Booker gave him, Little Book is an annual whiskey series featuring new, unique blends - a first for the family. Uncut, unfiltered and always one-of-a-kind, each limited release offers Freddie the opportunity to follow his curiosity to create a new taste profile greater than the sum of its parts. From each spirits' mash bill and age to where they were stored in the rackhouse, there are a million decisions that go into the final blend. The possibilities are endless. Which is good. Because Freddie has no intention of stopping any time soon.

116.8 Proof

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