Mocambo Art Edition 20 Year Old Rum 750ml

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The Mocambo 20 Year Old Art Edition is a premium rum and a collectors item! The bark-covered bottle was designed by Mexican artist Victor Fernandez Limon. This single barrel rum is in a bottle wrapped in material from the Amate tree, and it is corked with a solid cap.This 20 year old Mocambo Mexican rum was produced in Cordoba by Licores Veracruz. A single cask rum, aged in European white oak.

  • Nose: Bitter caramel, prunes, old, worn leather and a deserted, wooden wagon wheel.
  • Taste: Earthy oak and cigar leaves with hints of hard raisins.
  • Finish: Oak, suede, hickory.
  • Overall: A bold, wood forward, aged rum with plenty of character.
80 Proof Rum

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