Monte Xanic Valle de Guadalupe Mexico Cabernet Merlot Red Blend 2020

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Wine Tasting Notes
Clean, bright wine, closed depth, with purple tones and intense cherry color. A crisp wine with highly intense aromas on the nose, Primary marked aromas of blackberry and ripe red fruit, mainly redcurrant, cherry and plum. Tertiary aromas include wood, vanilla, licorice, cacao, and notes of smoke, principally. Complex and quality aroma profile. Soft in the mouth, fresh acidity, and warm alcohol. Soft tannins and round body. Mouth aromas reaffirm the nose, mainly red fruit, wood and blackberry, and white pepper, balsamic vinegar, smoky notes, and roasted coffee beans emerge, as well. A very well-balanced wine with a long finish for the senses, especially on the palate.

65% Cabernet Sauvignon and 35% Merlot

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