Nellie Collins Backwoods Root Beer Tennessee Corn Mash Whiskey 750ml

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The Backwoods Root Beer came along when my dad was in his teenage years. He and his friends would get some bottled root beer, grab some Nellie Collins corn whiskey, and then head out to the back woods to seek life's adventures. At some point they would settle in and mix the bottled root beer and whiskey. According to our dad, these young men solved the world's problems while on those life adventures.

Our whiskey is made using 100% GMO Free Corn, is 100% Gluten Fre, and uses 100% natural root beer flavors. The color is mid-brown with light cream highlights. The nose is nothing but root beer. Natural root beer fills hte mouth with an explosion of root beer and a high concentration of spice.

66 Proof

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