Portobello Road No. 171 London Dry Gin 750ml

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The base spirit is distilled in England from English-grown wheat. The nine botanical ingredients come from around the world; these include juniper berries and orris from Tuscany, Spanish lemon peels, bitter orange peels from Haiti or Morocco, nutmeg from Indonesia and cassia bark from South East Asia.

These ingredients combine to create a uniquely versatile gin, with enough of those robust gin flavors like juniper, citrus and coriander to make a gin & tonic that tastes of gin not just of tonic, enough elegance to work in a Martini and because of the spices we use, enough depth of character and intensity to work in drinks like the Negroni or the multitude of modern cocktailian creations where it's going to come up against other powerful flavors.

84 Proof

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