St George Vodka Combo Pack 3-200ml Bottles

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3 Bottle Combo consists of:

  • St. George All Purpose Vodka 200ml - Soft and approachable, with a rich, round mouthfeel. There's no overt pear flavor, but the inclusion of pear distillate adds gently floral top notes and the impression of subtle sweetness on the finish.
  • St George Green Chile Vodka 200ml - Think salsa fresca! Sweetly vegetal, savory, bright, with just a hint of heat.
  • St George California Citrus Vodka 200ml - Astonishingly clear citrus flavor, genuinely tasting of both sour and sweet orange. Redolent of the whole citrus plant, with a focus on the bright peel characteristics. Tart almost lemony scent in the nose.

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