Trump Premium Vodka 1.75L

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Trump Premium Vodka is created by Wanders Distillery in Holland, distilled five times from select European wheat, and then rested for six months in stainlees steel vats.

80 Proof Vodka

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    Truly Exceptional

    Posted by William V. on 11th Jun 2019

    I was humbled to receive a bottle for a promotion gift. I’m admittedly a bit of a vodka snob but this really blew me away. Perfect balance, delicate smoothness and pleasant taste and tongue play. Quite honestly the best vodka I’ve enjoyed to date but I’ll enjoy searching for something just as fine or better. Would consider purchasing a bottle to put away for some years to enjoy later even at this price point.

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    High quality

    Posted by WeirdNJ14 on 29th Oct 2018

    I believe the reviews on here are more political then actual real ratings... sad because this is actually a high quality vodka and the smoothest touch on the throat great to mix with practically anything although the price is high it is definitely something you’d either collect or have once in a rare occasion it is exceptionally one of the best vodkas I have ever had.

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