Suntory The Yamazaki Mizunara 18 Year Old Single Malt Japanese Whisky 750ml

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Throughout their long history using Mizunara casks, Suntory's blenders have observed that age is the key to unlocking the signature taste of Mizunara whisky. A long maturation period reveals the distinctive spiciness and incense-like flavor of sandalwood and aloe wood that Suntory considers as the quintessential "Mizunara-ness."

With many other cask types, whisky usually reaches a maturation peak at some point. But even at 50 years and beyond, the top-note and after-taste aromas of Mizunara whiskies are generally still improving. This unique ability to support long-term aging affords endless opportunities to experience the evolution and refinement of Mizunara whiskies over time.

Tasting Notes:

  • Color: Amber
  • Nose: Rich and elegant fragrance, aloe wood, cinnamon
  • Palate: Condensed sweetness, silky texture, dry fruits, coconut, orange marmalade
  • Finish: Distinctive spiciness lingers with Japanese incense, aloe wood, cinnamon and tartness
96 Proof

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